Robotics is the New Technological Revolution and…

In the Halls of Silicon Valley, Robots Are King

The Security Oracle, Inc. has something special on the horizon – check back in late-July to see how TSO is WINNING THE PLATFORM WARS!


The Security Oracle is Revealing the Holy Grail of Security! TSO is DESIGNING AND DELIVERING our robotic appliances as Machine as a Service (MaaS) and Robots as a Service (RaaS). The US non-defense security market is estimated to exceed $400 billion, according to the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS). For the first time, there is a commercially available system of artificial intelligence driven security, the Remotely Controlled Active Defense and Denial System (RCADS™) that will completely disrupt this market--even penetrate new market segments that are beyond traditional for electronic security. Our market disruptive robotic solution, aka Robots in the Sky®, completely departs from the old physical security best practices, which largely has been to "witness your own demise" through cameras as the adversary negotiates your barriers and destroys your infrastructure and/or attacks your people.

The Security Oracle, Inc. (TSO) is a C corporation that has developed and implemented artificial intelligence platform driven physical security solutions that can stop attacks before or as they begin. TSO's robotic system provides real protection compared with just the witnessing and warning activities of the various roving robots on the market, and versus the typical "Maginot Line" style passive physical security systems that afford little to no real protection for a site.

Merriam Webster defines "Maginot Line" as
" ... a defensive barrier or strategy that inspires a false sense of security."

NEW MARKET SEGMENTS: Third party Monte Carlo modeling simulation studies show that TSO's RCADS™ Robots-in-the-Sky® actually do protect electric power substations in compliance with the new NERC CIP-014 regulation for Physical Security of Transmission Substations, while other passive physical security systems will likely fall short of compliance, leaving utilities that don't comply subject to significant fines. Obviously the same is true for all other critical infrastructures; click on our Home page link and scroll down to see many of those market segments.

Our military grade RCADS™ artificial intelligence engine (Intelligent Coordinator™) can adapt to any physical security need, having almost unlimited potential. The Intelligent Coordinator™ powers our most prominent products, i.e., Robots in the Sky®, Robots on the Seas™, Robots on the Move™ and ™ - our gunshot detection system platform.

Market Metamorphosis = New Opportunity. According to the "White Paper On The U.S. Contract Security Industry" (Robert H. Perry Associates, Incorporated, July 2016) that market segment is $43 billion per year and it employs between 1.75 and 1.93 million full-time workers in service of operational security in the U.S. per ASIS, approximately 70% are security officers/guards. That industry has been advised by Robert H. Perry Associates, in their white paper, to partner with security technology providers to force multiply its offerings in ways that increase profits and perhaps reduce cost (fewer security officers) to the customer or provide more value for their investment ... enter RCADS™ artificial intelligence technology.

We are building our business model in concert with the philosophy promulgated by John Chambers in his famous, final Cisco Live speech wherein he rightly claims, 'Whomever gets the information out the fastest, through digitization, WINS'. As such digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (AI), is literally at our core in the Intelligent Coordinator™. We are providing our unique patent pending digitalized protection packages to our ecosystem of partners and assist them in delivering our collective solutions to the critical infrastructure market. Operating above the field of competition through our well-established partners we can scale extremely fast and build immense recurring revenue after the initial sale. This way everyone wins, particularly our customers and investors.

We are seeking the "right" accredited investors who want to leverage the fact that we've already done most of the hard work and have sold our solution multiple times; and those systems are fully operational. It began with an idea: Integrate proven defense technologies on a platform driven by AI. "Ideas, effectively packaged and delivered can change the world." Carmine Gallo, Talk like TED.

TSO is changing the world of asset protection, one robot at a time.

Serious prospective investors are encouraged to contact Charles Butler, CEO or call 352.988.5985 to set up an initial exchange of information.


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